Bedtime stories

Bedtime is the time when stories come to life, fantasy and reality meet...

Gothic bellydancer

Location shoot with gothic style bellydancer


Got this idea after a few weeks of harsh winter last year. Great makeup artist and model, playing around in the studio with fake snow.

Fanveil bellydancer

Another picture taking during one of many bellydanceshoots I did lately...

Oriental bellydancer


"Film noir"

Just a general shot to set the mood.

"Film noir" close-up

Close up to show the work of my incredible make-up artist!

Femme fatale

My favourite one from a recent, "film noir"-themed photoshoot I did...

Captured on the web

A second picture in a new personal project: readers pick a theme based on the previous picture, I shoot a new picture based on that theme. And the chain continues. The theme for this one was "The internet"...